LEARN ABOUT US: Wedding Client Testimonials

Tally looks at herself in the mirror before her wedding at All Souls Interfaith Gathering in Shelburne. by Vermont wedding photographers at Eve Event Photography
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Bridgette & Marc 

The photography is better than perfect. You are both so talented. When we started looking I was so nervous, but after just a couple of pages I was moved beyond my wildest hopes. I wept several times. When I show people the book they invariably make some comment about it looking like a "fairy tale" and "where did you find these photographers!" etc. We can never thank you enough! 

Anna & Greg 

Boy did we get lucky when we found you! Your photographs of our wedding are so thoughtful and beautiful, and really bring the day back to us each time we look at them. You were so quietly and artfully present to capture special moments without ever getting in the way. Thanks so much for everything and for all your heart and help in making our day so special. 

Michelle & Joe 

WOW! We are so blown away by your photos. You captured so many great moments - and in such creative ways. We can't thank you enough! 

Nate & Jen 

Thank you for capturing our wedding in your amazing photographs... We absolutely love your style and are so happy with the photos. I started to cry and laugh hysterically as I went through them. We will remember our wedding forever through our photos and are so happy you were photographers.  

Kate & Dan 

We don't know how to thank you. Your creative brilliance will help us to have a memory of our special day forever. Thank you for celebrating with us and sharing your talent. 

Naomi & Binh 

Binh is absolutely amazed. He's been looking through them all night. A BIG THANK YOU. These are awesome pics. 

Sara & Zachary 

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the photography for our wedding and for the lovely print you sent us at Christmas time. We are so grateful to have gotten you to be our photographers and have sent more than one couple your way. We wish you all the best with all you do. 

Maggie & Darren 

I am speechless, almost. The photographs are simply stunning. Suzannah's words were: "Those aren't photos, they are pieces of art." That's from the mouth of a painter. So many 'moments' and surprises (the joyful beach shots come to mind). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!